Easyfit Isolator the best stop valve or just another marketing trick

Aladdin Easyfit Isolator Valves the easy fit way

Easyfit Isolator

Easy Fit – Easyfit Isolator

  1. Why is the Easyfit Isolator the best manual stop valve in the UK?
  2. Is there any improvements in the Easyfit Isolation and what does the future have for this company?
  3. What does the Easyfit Isolator have against it competitors
  4. How much is the Easyfit Isolator and where can I buy this valve.

6 great reasons an emergency plumber should carry an Easyfit Isolator Valve

  • The Easyfit Isolator valve is a great piece of stock to carry around for an emergency plumber and like its name it is also easy to fit as shown in the video below.
  • When in a state of a panic, the first and second thing on the occupants mind is, how quickly a plumber can get to the property of the burst pipes and how quickly can the leak be stopped saving further damage to any possessions within the home. The Easyfit Isolator valve can be very quickly fitted within 2 minutes of having the tools and materials within hands length of where the product is to be fitted.
  • As an indication of cost the Easyfit can cost between £30 to £70 depending on where the product is bought and if you require the tools that come with this product. You also need to keep in mind that the Easyfit Valve does not have a structured price, it is believed to save time in trying to stop the immediate damage if the mains stop valve can not be found.
  • As long as there’s a drill and a screwdriver with a pair of grips the cutting tools comes with the product to save time in the amount of tools required if done as a DIY.
  • Unlike most other product the instruction are very clear and also comes with a video clip.
  • Unlike its competitor the Easyfit Isolation valve is easy to handle and you only need to turn this valve quarterly with no tools required. This type of Isolation valve is very easy especially for the elderly.

What is the future for the Easyfit Isolator and what can be predicted

At present the 15ml Easyfit Isolator valve  has been around since 2012 and has been noted that the next product to come out will be the 22ml Easyfit Isolator Valve. The 15ml Isolation Valve can be used on copper and plastic as longer as it is within current regulation.

What would emergency plumbers like to see within this type of product for further production

Martin Smith explains that as an ex plumber having a 15ml Easyfit Isolator has been something that will stop the panic that plumbers have been longing for. The truth is, before now the average emergency plumber would get to the property and if the plumber could not find the mains water stop valve or any other type of stop valve then the only other way would be to repair this live. To do this it would entail cutting the pipe and quickly putting a stop fitting on well the water is causing damage. However, this can be done in a controlled manner, but most of the time this is not possible. Within time it may be a good idea to have these type of isolation valves in other size used with a greater range of water pipes.

The Easyfit Isolator Video the easy way includes how to fit

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