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Central Heating Plumber

Central Heating Plumber & Gas Safe Engineer

Wondering what the difference is between the central heating plumber and the gas safe engineer then keep reading.
Central Heating Plumber
The difference between the gas safe registered engineer and the central heating plumber is, the emergency plumber is not allowed to touch anything gas related that can also cause gas related problems that put the occupants life in danger. An emergency plumber is allowed to turn off the boiler and drain the central heating to deal with any plumbing issues. If the boiler does not work once the central heating has been refilled back up, then all the plumber can do is, check the same setting that any occupier to the house can check themselves. A gas engineer can take the boiler cover off and start doing his diagnostics, which includes checking the operation of the gas valve plus electrical components with the gas boiler. Continue reading

Best Central Heating Inhibitor

Best Central Heating Inhibitor

Best Central Heating Inhibitor
So what is the best central heating Inhibitor? When occupants are getting the central heating system maintenance done, they will never ask what inhibitor is going into there central heating system and why? The first central heating inhibitor to come out was by Fernox which has been going for over 50-years. Fernox use to be the only inhibitor out there that has also lasted for so long. As time has gone on, the way Fernox Inhibitor is made may of chanced a little and others have followed suit in very similar ways it is made. Continue reading

Water Pouring Under Sink

Water Pouring Under Sink & Need An Emergency Plumber

Water Pouring Under Sink
Do you have water pouring under sink and don’t know what to do. Thinking of just calling an emergency plumber. The emergency plumber turns up and decide what he can do, but due to the water shooting everywhere, he then has to decide on how best to deal with the water pouring from under the sink. In the picture to the right is an example of a plumbing emergency done my Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber Manchester. The story line in this article is about water pouring under sink and is all about the plumbing situations most of us plumbers deal with and how bad the so called plumbers leave us in for the reason it turns into an emergency plumbing situation in the first place. Just below we will go in to more detail about the water pouring everywhere Continue reading

Difference between black & brown Central Heating Sludge

What is the difference between black sludge & brown central heating sludge

Black And Brown Central Heating Sludge
Martin Smith an emergency plumber explains the difference between black & brown central heating sludge. This type of question is normally asked between plumbers that have a curiosity about what is the difference between brown central heating sludge and black sludge, when it comes to the central heating system. Thanks to my friend @APS_GAS (Twitter) also an emergency plumber Bristol, was able to get the answer. Just below are two paragraphs explaining everything you need to know about black sludge and then explaining about the brown central heating sludge. Continue reading

Bath Problems

Bath Problems & Cures

Bath Problems
Welcome to bath problems & cures. If your looking for ways to keep clean, then your looking in the wrong place however we will explain about bath problems and possible try to explain some cures. In the picture above is a typical leaking bath problem, which is found to be the most common water leak when it comes to the bath. There are plenty of reasons why a bath can leak. Just below are a list of bath problems we are going to try to answer your question further down in the paragraphs. Continue reading

Auto Stopcock

Auto Stopcock & How to Protect Properties from Damage by Internal Flooding

Auto Stopcock & How To Protect Properties From Damage By Internal Flooding
Fed up of the old stopcock and looking to have the best auto stopcock on the market, wondering how to protect your property from damage by internal flooding before calling an emergency plumber, then your looking in the right place. Please read the article that will explain everything you need to know.

Martin Smith an experienced emergency plumber explains the stopcock problems, but most importantly what you can do to make life in the future stress free and more easy.

It is reported that 1 in 8 houses have some kind of water leak every year. Some really bad, some just small.

But the problem is, the cost to the economy and the home insurance, which is the reason the insurance companies are now hoping for a better solution and a device that is intelligent enough to stop any water leaks. Continue reading

Plumbing Advice

Plumbing Advice & Information

Need Plumbing Advice
Looking for plumbing advice and information? Then your looking in the right place. Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber may not know everything but will know most everything to do with plumbing. If your a fellow plumber looking for advice then please follow us on my Twitter name plumber24hours or if this is more urgent then give us a call on the above number. Continue reading

Water Supply Problems

Water Supply Problems & Procedures Before Calling An Emergency Plumber

Water Supply Problems
Martin Smith explains water supply problems for example: the water is on from the outside stop tap valve, however there is no water passing through the internal mains water stopcock inside.

In the picture to the right explains about the depth, the boundaries, who responsible, qualifications to work when there is water supply problems and what we are not supposed to do. Just below is a series of questions listed and answered in the paragraphs further down. We hope the water supply problems becomes a good read and please share this amongst many others. Continue reading

Outside Stop Tap Valve

Outside Stop Tap Problems & Procedures

Outside Stop Tap
Here is plenty of useful information about the outside stop tap valve problems and procedures, what to do when requiring an emergency plumber. Like so many times before, you have water pouring from a pipe, unable to turn the water off at the internal mains water stopcock and the external mains water stop tap.

In the picture above we have an example of an outside stop tap valve and what could happen in the worse scenario. Just below are some questions that come up every day by occupant from the real world, but also answered further down the article. Continue reading

Best Draining Hosepipe

Best Draining Hosepipe For Central Heating

Best Draining Hosepipe
Ever wondered what is the best draining hosepipe is? Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber explains everything about hose-pipes you may need to know. When draining down the central heating system, you automatic instinct is to get a standard hosepipe, but doesn’t meen it is the best draining hose pipe to use. The general hosepipe fits on the end of the draining point great, however in some cases leaks water, which is nothing to do with the type of hose pipe your using, but the water leak is to do with the draining valve more. To solve the water leaking from the draining valve, you will require either a bowl or an absorbing mat, which you could buy from the BES site. Continue reading