Plumber & gas engineer of the year 2016

Plumber & gas engineer of the year 2016

Welcome to EPHG plumber & gas engineer of the year where all our engineers on our network are judge on all there qualities. For the past 4 years we have done plumber of the year 20122013, 2014 and 2015.

Every month we will be updating this page so feel free to look back on your currently position.

Here are the list of engineer who have won plumber of the year.

  • Lee (The Animal) Cambell 2012.
  • Damon (DrIvE Hard) (disqualified) 2013.
  • Thomas (Tank) Sweeney 2014.
  • Andrew (Chicken Leg) Jones 2015.
  • Mohammed (Never Say No) Ali 2016.

If you would like to know how the engineers score there points or your an engineer wondering on how to score points then click on this link ‘how do I score for plumber of the Month & Year‘.

January 2016

Last month we had a record month of which so much can happen, however again this has been the 3rd most busy month in the last 4 years. The weather has been warm but colder than last month where theres been snow and ice but on to an average -2. Andrew our current plumber of the month has been away on holiday so it looks like there will be no points for him.

Dave who came 2nd has been studying to be a gas engineer so getting points may also be unrealistic. We have plenty of new engineers this month of whom we hope to get on our list making a difference to our company. New plans to the business expansion in the talks.

Having a good month can also come with its lows. We have been un-happy with 2 engineers, one for not turning up to a job and the other using violent conduction of which we take zero tolerance for. We offer a suspension but they opted for a fine instead and probationary period meaning we get a report on each job for the next 3 months.

February 2016

The month has started slow, however we are sad to lose Gerard doing the calls and we are now taking much more calls again. Since the second week of February we have found ourselves much busier but not only that we have now gone into the electrical emergencies.

I would like to thank Mainly Andrew & Mohammed for there payment contributions. Andrew & Ali have been doing very well with there reviews. I would like to thank Andrew, Ali, Mohammed, Gary, Steve & Dave for the distance they have covered in helping out in hard times.

As for next month, lets hope it continues as the weather seems to be staying, however, traditionally March does slow down as the warmer weather comes in.

March 2016

March has been a very very busy month but not only in work but also in preparations for a new studio van, new website (not ready) and new App that will change the way we do emergencies. For this reason we are doing March & April together.

April 2016

Again, this has been very busy due to business expansion and our new staff Adrian Preston going us. If it wasn’t for our new staff then I wouldn’t be writing this plumber of the month review. We are hoping the new website will be ready for the start of May 1st, The studio van should hopefully be ready for mid May and the App should be ready for the end of May or much sooner.

Even though we have had many lead fees paid to us this month, the quality of the reviews have dropped, but I put this down to last months plumber or the month not being done but please keep in mind, this plumber of the month is going to take off in style once the app is out so I strongly recommend it is good to get as many points as possible.

Please bare in mind that in the last 2 months, that the below engineers have been our best out of 560+ engineers from around the UK. There are many other engineers we would like to include but unfortunately, we can only give a maximum of 10 engineers points in each month.

May 2016

May has been a little like March with so much going on, there are now over 600+ engineers register and our new staff Adrian is well under way but again we just seem to busy to say much this month and will do a double take in next month.

June 2016

May and June have seen many reviews but not as many as I would like which is possible down to the lack of news with engineer of the month, however there has been many engineer covering much distance and paying there money.

This month I would like to pay a special thanks to 2 engineer who have got joint top place, one is Thomas Sweeney who won plumber of the year in 2014 and the other is Mohammed Ali from Scotland.

There will be many changes in July due to the new App that has come out called Signed Notes and is available in the App store now. This been the reviews will be much more with plenty of customer care given.

We would also like to mention the arrival of Michael Walker who joined us in the last few days of June, Michael will now be taking customer calls and be passing jobs out to the engineers so please give him a nice welcome if you speak to him for the first time.

July 2016

July has been the second most busy month ever and very nearly the most busy month if it wasn’t for the phone line problems we had.

This month is also the first month where its not only Martin Smith the director of EPHG Limited voting which engineer is in the top 10 out of hundreds of engineers but also Adrian Preston and Michael Walker have both voted also before we combine meaning what could of been the top could now get completely different results.

This is also the first month that the videos start on the new website which should be getting very exciting. We also have the signed notes you can no w download.

As completion gets strong for engineer of the month we thank everyone who took part and happy to show the lucky lot of engineers that are lucky to make it in the top 10 for July.

August 2016

This month has been very similar to July and very nearly breaking the record and if it wasn’t for the phone problems we had been getting then this record would of been broken by now.

This month hasn’t really seen any stand out engineers however there have still been many engineer performing very well.

The month has had its ups and downs with some let downs regarding Apps, phones, new staff leaving us un-pleased as perfection is all we want.

We do have a new App in mind that we estimate in the cost of £7000 which is an App to turn yourself on/off call just like it’s previous App, however the new one will be much much better. Feel free to asked question but other than that then just below is the engineer of the month.


In some ways we will be glad that September is over due to staff leaving and 2 new staff coming in who are Paul Gray and Christopher Duncan. September has been exhausting but now that we have some new staff, a week into October should feel much easier just as were about to enter the more busier months of the year.

Due to an app company and an internet company we have been using that haven’t been able to get the EPHG App working, we have taken Paul Gray on full time to build a new app from scratch to help make the company work much better.

Martin Smith will soon be getting back to his videos but overall as the winter closes in, work should pick up for everyone.

The September month as seen more competition to get in the top 10 and for the very first time we have had to leave engineers out that have also done very well. As we see the business growing, we also see the competition getting harder to be found in the top ten engineers voted by points but a panel of 3 staff and soon to be 4 staff.

We also find Mohammed only 7 points from winning engineer of the year and in all honesty unless he falls of a cliff, then he most definitely deserves it due to his efforts he has put in to the company. On another point, Mohammed Ali is the only engineer to drive from the west coast to the east coast a few times this year.


This month has seen about a 30% increase of emergency call outs due to the cold weather coming in and as seen in previous years, this is always a good test for our best engineers we have on our system.

Unlike previous months, this is the first time there has been 4 lots of votes which can change everything from everyones perspective. To get into the top 10 is getting harder each time as we get new engineers on the system.

This month has seen 3 new members manage get into position 5, 6 and 8 meaning 3 engineer who are normally on the top 10 lose there place. Martins favourite for the month came in 9th place, so it shows that each member of staff have there own favourite who have helped them out the most and how competitive it’s getting.

All the staff use there own method of scoring knowing what works best for them when deciding who’s the best. Martin’s 3rd best engineer of the month didn’t even make it in the top 10 because nobody else voted for them. The was only one engineer in the top 10 that everyone gave a vote for and this goes to Gary Angus scoring 9 – 9 – 6 – 1 = 25 points. The most points that an engineer can get will be 40 points so 25 out of 40 is very good.

Next month will see a small increase of emergencies due to new advertising coming out as it starts to spread across the uk.

September has also seen an engineer win plumber of the year for EPHG Limited and we can say very easy that he most definitely deserves it. Lets say a big thank you to Mohammed Ali from the West Lothian area in Scotland, you have been a big credit to our company.

November – December

Another busy month gone by and the biggest month amongst us as we enter December the most stressful month of all for call outs. This is also the month that we have taken on new staff, strategy is also changing slow and the company is growing.

This is also the last post for the news on this website as the shift now goes on to the new website

The top engineers this month came very close but they can’t share the top 3 positions and one does have to come first and it does come of point and lucky for Ismatullah Mandozai (Ali) it was him.

The plumber of the month will be back at the end of the January where points will be scored from the December to January. This will be the very first done by video so its very important that you find yourself in the top 10.

From next year there will be a panel of 5 staff that will place there top 5 engineers of the month, the top 5 will score of element depending on how well they have done. As done in every year there is always a gift done for the winner and the gift this year goes to Mohammed Ali from Scotland.

Engineer Of The Month August

  • 10 points – Ismatullah Mandozai (Ali) (24 points).
  • 9 points – Gary Angus (21 points).
  • 8 points – Mohammed Ali (19 points).
  • 7 points – William Blain (11 points).
  • 6 points – Ryan Aubrey (9 points).
  • 5 points – Dave Hignett (7 points).
  • 4 points – Andrew Jones (6 points).
  • 3 points – James Lee (4 points).
  • 2 points – Carl Frost (3 points).
  • 1 point – Ryan Rogers (2 points).

Currently league table for 2016

  • 97 – Mohammed Ali.
  • 65 – Ismatullah Mandozai (Ali).
  • 64 – Steve May.
  • 47 – Lee Moss.
  • 42 – Andrew Jones.
  • 37 – Rhys Lavin.
  • 35 – Gary Angus.
  • 31 – Thomas Sweeney.
  • 21 – William Blain.
  • 20 – Oliver Moreham.
  • 12 – James Haghighat.
  • 11 – Stuart Bell.
  • 11 – Steve Tregear.
  • 10 – Darren Sanderson.
  • 9 – Nick Brebner.
  • 8 – Sean Murray.
  • 8 – Darren Minto.
  • 8 – Ryan Rogers.
  • 8 – Dave Hignett.
  • 6 – Marcus Collett.
  • 6 – Ryan Aubrey (NEW NOVEMBER).
  • 5 – Waqar Choudhry.
  • 4 – Gary Brown.
  • 4 – Brian Osmond.
  • 3 – Majid Zarei.
  • 3 – Lee Wraxall.
  • 3 – James Brunton.
  • 3 – James Lee (NEW NOVEMBER).
  • 2 – Fernando Gildon.
  • 2 – Lewis Green.
  • 2 – Carl Frost (NEW NOVEMBER).
  • 1 – Paul Hey.
  • 1 – Rob Vasile.
  • 1 – Mark Letman.

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