Plumber of the year 2015

Plumber Of The Year 2015 – The Plumbers League

Plumber Of The Year 2015
Welcome to emergency plumber of the year 2015 where we host the plumbers league but for those who only are registered with us doing our plumbing emergencies. Just below are the engineers that had won the plumber of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014 and hope to make it in the 2015. Just below we explain on what it takes to get to the top of the plumbers league 2015 and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Every month there will be 10 engineers scoring points from 1 to 10, Ten being more successful and One being the least successful out of the 10. However please keep in mind there are over 450 engineers register and if you were to get at least One point, then you will be classed as one of the top plumbers getting a score this month.

Latest news as of 29/12/15: Andrew Jones is crowned plumber of the year 2015 by Martin Smith and will join the list of great engineers over the years.

The engineers that have won the plumber of the year previously are as listed below.

  • Lee (The Animal) Cambell 2012.
  • Damon (DrIvE Hard) (disqualified) 2013.
  • Thomas (Tank) Sweeney 2014.
  • Andrew (Chicken Leg) Jones 2015.

Points are rated from the quality of the service and how well you as an emergency plumber/gas engineer help our company out in what we are trying to achieve as a national company. Honesty is very important in our company but not only that, it is very important to keep the customer happy and try getting reviews and great feed back. Just below is a list of what it takes to get yourself on the scoreboards and is in order of importance.

  • Getting a 5 star review as this helps our company to drive customers towards us.
  • Paying the 10% lead fee on further work you get from a customer that has come from us via an emergency plumbing job or general.
  • Getting to the customer within the time stated.
  • Being consistent and being on call most of the time but also letting us know when your going off call via the App (App coming out early March 2015).
  • Passing work our way from other customers as recommendation (We have schemes that help you earn from this technique). Any future emergencies that also have come via previous emergencies must come through us.
  • Any other good causes help us to help you the plumbers to grow our business and be successful.

Want to know how to score then click on this link, how do I score for plumber of the Month & Year.

January 2015

As shown above in the list, it is very important to help us as we will do our best to help you. We have had engineers give us £300 donation (Thank you Mohammed from Edinburgh) to help grow the business which in turn has helped him get more work. We have had engineers pay us 10% commission (thank you Thomas Sweeney from Wirral) most frequently. We have had engineers pass work our way as recommendation (Thank you, Lee Cambell from Wigan). We have had engineers place reviews on Thank you to (myself) um! got to try and get more engineers doing this as there are not enough. 30+ reviews to date. We have some engineers travelling up to 90-minutes (Thank you to Darrel from Carlisle). We have an engineer that does an average of 45-minutes to every job (Thank you to Steve from Milton Keynes). There’s a hole load of other engineers that we can thank you for help that they give in emergencies they do for us.

February 2015

Just below is the latest scores for the month and below that will be the total amount of points complete for this year. We particularly thank Andrew this month for getting 2 reviews followed by Thomas and Ali getting 1 review each. For the rest of the table we thank them for paying there fees, being on call most of the time and driving to distances estimated at about 1-hours driving time. At the moment we now have 42-reviews to date which is 12-more reviews than we had in January which equals 1 review every 3-days. Most reviews have come from the owner of the company Martin Smith at a review every other job.

March 2015

March has been an unusual month for us due to social and media abuse, the review system had to be shut down for a couple of weeks as unknown reviews were made were a solicitor had to get involved, a couple of Twitter accounts were suspended due to the abuse we were getting. We have to pay special thanks to Andrew Jones (3-reviews) and Dave Hignett (3-reviews) for there help in the review system and have a feeling they may be neck and neck come the end of the year but thats not to forget Steve May that has been outstanding due to the areas he covers. We have now got 64 reviews to date within 3-weeks of reviewing, thats an incredible 1-review each day. Most reviews have come from the owner Martin Smith.

There may be engineers that we believe can do so much better and scoring more points but until they do everything we hope they do, this remains to be the points they will receive. What i am most happy with is the top 3 this month who will gain more work due to there commitment they have put in to our company. There may be a few engineers that may feel disappoint, however please bare in mind that taking time of can also change your rankings and wouldn’t be fair to engineers that have worked hard to get where they are in there rankings.

April 2015

Unusual month again with spammy bad reviews coming in from competitors so review system had to be taken down but there must be a special thanks to Andrew Jones and Mohammed Ali from Edinburgh. We have now got a special plumbing reviews system being incorporated.

Please feel free to read our article of the month ‘Nest Room Thermostat Fitting Service

May 2015

May has been an unusual month due to engineers being on holiday as apart from Dave who got first place, there has not been engineers scoring high and have been mostly average. We can also say thank you to Majid, Ali Mandozai and Mohammed Ali for doing long distances. Dave has been outstanding this month due to reviews, distance and always being on call. Much thank you to Osi also for going the leader board and coming in 3rd place. This leaves the top 4 Dave, Andrew, Ali and Thomas tight in the run in to plumber of the year 2015.

June 2015

This month hasn’t been as busy as previous months due to the warm weather, but what I can say is, there are at least 3 engineers that deserve top spot, unfortunately top spot can only go to one. Top spot will be going to the one that has had plenty of reviews, paid his 10% fees and plenty of them, has gone the distance and has had ok availability. Second spot is going to an engineer that has driven the distance, got plenty of reviews and has been available most of the time. Third spot is going to an engineer that had driven almost 2-hour and paid more money than anyone for his fees but also has had the best attendance.

July 2015

This month has picked up with an estimate 20% expansion of work specially in the northwest, which we can thank Andrew & Dave, specially to there commitment of getting reviews. We thank Mohammed for the amount of money he has paid into the system. All engineer in the top 10 this month have gone more than there 1-hour driving with Mohammed driving the furthest out (2-hours plus). We give Majid the honour of being the most on call engineer & most special points go to Ali. The weather has been very hot this month but has not effected the amount of calls coming in. We would like to say congratulations to Bob who is a Plumber/Gas Safe engineer but who has also become qualified as an electrician. Damon keeps breaking down, Dave is doing his Gas course & Andrew really wants a new van.

August 2015

This month has not been our usual month for traffic and has been lower than expected, however it has been our busiest August on record has the business continues to expand. This month I would like to pay particular thanks to Andrew Jones to his contribution of money he has paid into the system and there reviews he has brought in, I would also like to praise Dave Hignett for the amount of reviews he has brought into the company. We would like to praise 2 new engineers coming into our league system Steven Oxborough and Philip Parnell for the distance they have cover and the fee that Steven has paid and can only imagine it getting better for them due to his efforts they has put in. Unfortunately we are sad to say, we have had to suspend an engineer this month from getting work as he was found to be ripping a customer off and will no longer be given any working in future. We have a maximum of 40-points available until the end of this year and a prize will be given to either 1st place or any engineer that can get above the score of 90 point complete at end of year. At this point we find that this is only possible with the top 7-engineers in the plumbers league below. From today there are new rules that an engineer can only score a maximum of 2-reviews in a day.

September 2015

Has been a slow month this month for a September however towards the end has picked up which is most likely due to the weather getting colder and customer starting to put on there boiler. I would like to particular thanks to Andrew again for contributing money into the system earning himself an extra 15-points. We have had at least 9 engineers drive over 60-minutes in distance. Andrew and Dave came joint 8 reviews as also Thomas who is fight close in 3rd place managed to get a nice review. We would like to remind the engineers that next month there will be much more work as the busy period is just about to start and Martin Smith the owner of the company takes to the night shift from 8pm to 8am. I would also like to mention that this months has been great for plenty of new engineers registering up.

October 2015

Weather starting to get colder but has been fairly average for the time of year starting off cold but getting slightly warmer by a couple of degrees, however, this month has not failed to keep within prediction. In other words it’s been fairly busy.

Andrew Jones has made the biggest impression again and is only 8 points away from winning this years plumber of the year but also looks clear favourite now. Ali and Michael have done particular well due to the distance they have also covered and the reviews they have had of customers. We thank Michael for passing customers our way.

November 2015

A slow warm start to November but half way through the month has seen work pick up specially at the weekends. As normal we find that Andrew Jones has fashionably kept up way in front due to the hard work he puts in with no question at all. Michael Cooper has put many miles in and helping out in awkward situations. Gary Angus we pay special praise to him due to some good reviews he has received.

The up and coming month looks good to be a special month not only for its celebrations but for what should be a month that we hope will break some new records. It is also the final month which helps decide the plumber of the year 2015 which is already been won by Andrew Jones but won’t be officially declared until then as it is now impossible for anyone to beat him.

December 2015

What a busy month it has been setting plenty of new record but mostly warm averaging at about 9 degrees. This month we have seen plenty of engineers go the extra distance and wouldn’t say there was just one engineer as plenty of them pulled together to get through this very busy month. The overall winner of this year was Andrew Jones winning the most expensive tool bag any engineer could get his hands on.

Plumber Of The Month September

  • 10 Andrew Jones (82 points)
  • 9 Ali Mandozai (55 points)
  • 8 Mohammed Ali (39 points)
  • 7 Thomas Sweeney (37 points)
  • 6 Michael Cooper (35 points)
  • 5 Dave Hignett (33 points)
  • 4 Ian Keeton (31 points)
  • 4 Gary Angus (31 points)
  • 2 Steve May (30 points)
  • 1 Darren Sanderson (27 points)

Total Score for all year of plumber of the year 2015.

  • 102 – Andrew Jones.
  • 80 – Dave Hignett.
  • 67 – Ali Mandozai.
  • 59 – Mohamed Ali.
  • 58 – Thomas Sweeney.
  • 54 – Steve May.
  • 41 – Majid Zarei.
  • 38 – Michael Cooper.
  • 18 – Gary Angus.
  • 15 – Darren Sanderson.
  • 12 – Paul Hey.
  • 10 – Stephen Oxbridge.
  • 9 – Lee Cambell.
  • 9 – James Lee.
  • 8 – Mark Letman.
  • 8 – Osi Onuorah.
  • 8 – Bob Nijjar.
  • 7 – Juliano Berdardino.
  • 7 – Ryan Turner.
  • 7 – Assad Salah.
  • 7 – Jacob Uwaga.
  • 6 – Michael Reed.
  • 5 – Darryl Thompson.
  • 5 – Ian Keeton.
  • 4 – Philip Parnell.
  • 4 – Marcus Collett.
  • 3 – Liyakati Mulla
  • 2 – Lawrence Benjamin.
  • 2 – Thomas Martin.
  • 2 – Paul Ellis.
  • 1 – James Coburn.

If you are interest in joining our network then feel free to join our plumbing register.

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