Plumbing & Gas Safe Abuse

Social Media Plumbing & Gas Safe Abuse

Plumbing & Gas Safe Abuse
Have you been a victim of social media plumbing & Gas Safe abuse, Martin Smith has! From time to time, there is always one that likes to try and expose someone, maybe they think that there being outcasts, alone, unable to provide or just trying to be popular by exposing fellow engineer. In most cases, it is all about exposing to gain.

These days most social people socialising on networks like to gain as many followers as they can including Martin Smith. The ways to gain followers can be by just being popular, aggressive techniques by using social media abuse & gas safe abuse but does this always work? Well I will let you decide this after Martin Smith gives his opinion on what has happened to him.

Martin Smith well growing up and his view on life, it’s not been easy at all with not having enough family support, however having managed to get an NVQ in plumbing but very low grades when it comes to his school life. Martin Smith claims he has had passed learning difficulties but after reading this, does it look like he has learning difficulties or is it the reason he has had an unfair start in life and is now flourishing.

Martin has a moto in life which is build it and they will come inspired by a film he once watched. The trouble is, when building a business, it also brings the bad along as well as the good and the only way to deal with this is to welcome the bad ones and try to turn it into a positive. To all the bad Martin has received up to now has been turned into a positive and makes the business much stronger and helps with forward thinking into the future.

So what does the future hold for Martin Smith? Plumbing In Space! On a serious note, anything is possible, hopefully and most likely positive in Martin Smith’s opinion.

Martin Smith has recently been involved in an online dispute where there were plenty of false claims such as you’ve walked away from your kids, you don’t pay maintenance, you owe money to builders merchants in the way of thousands, Martin Smith was supposed to be unsafe with gas safe situations but with no proof of this at all AND ALL THIS IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE.

Pictures found on the internet by fellow gas safe engineers were shared amongst fellow plumbers and gas safe engineers saying this was Martin Smith’s work, again all false allegations, so why didn’t Martin Smith try to defend himself.

Martin Smith did try to defend himself but by doing so just made the whole situation worse, engineers were accusing Martin Smith of being a dangerous gas engineer and when Martin Smith mentioned ‘have you got any proof’, all the reply he had gotten was, there are engineers saying this of whom are professional and MUST be telling the truth followed by swearing. What they don’t realise is that it started of from one person making accusations that were completely untrue. why? nobody knows.

The accusations started of from someone who calls himself S***** P****** of who has NO NAME, NO ADDRESS, NO NOTHING apart from a user name. This person could be anyone, is this the sort of person you would trust to try and expose someone or would you trust them to give a false alibi.

There was one accusation that did come of interest, it was under the – *If you missed the whole #SecretPlumber row – here it is* – just copy sentence and place it in the search engine. Just see what the Edinburgh News had to say about this. Maybe it’s all connected or maybe it’s not!

In Martin Smith opinion, the truth is when social abuse happens, the people that give the abuse however bad, don’t know there giving it unless it’s for financial gain. What Martin would like to share is, he wouldn’t expose his person life reason being ITS PERSONAL and when being questioned, don’t expect an answer.

Here are some of Martin Smith’s Tweets that may come to mind when it comes to social media abuse. Martin Tweets ‘just done a job on such a such and has regarded it at At Risk and unsafe, well one engineer argued I was wrong, it’s NCS and safe well the other argued I was wrong and it was Immediately dangerous, Martin was in the middle of what was going to be a case was, it didn’t matter if Martin was wrong, he was always going to be wrong even if he was right. Martin Smith was always going to be wrong by those who had replied to his Tweets. Does this make Martin dangerous, Martin Smith doesn’t think so.

Without going into all the tweets and boring most people well reading this, there was a tweet that Martin found amusing, it was the tweet about a bit of paint that was on the boiler. As Martin remembers the whole situation, it was about a fellow gas engineer who had come across a boiler that had been completely painted over, which Martin had given his opinion over, but all of a sudden because Martin gave his opinion, someone then twisted this has to being Martin Smiths work. Umm! Does this mean we should believe everything that is online. Let you decide that one.

Martin Smith has learnt to take fellow gas engineers answers with a pinch of salt and believes your either safe or your not until proven unsafe otherwise. On the other hand, Martin Smith did feel that he had been abused by social media but on the other hand, it has made him stronger and is the inspiration to such an article including his terms and conditions.

The morale of this article is all about, if ever Martin Smith was to be involved in a social media melt down, then Martin Smith will most likely not reply and may block those who try to give him the abuse however minor it may come across. To those who get social abuse and have read this, I hope it helps you, but if Martin can give you any tips, is when reporting anyone giving the abuse, is to make sure you follow it through. Up to now, Martin Smith has only reported 2 accounts and has managed to get them both suspended.

Latest Twitter Abuse News 11th May 2015: Received an anonymous phone call a few days ago telling me who it is. Half asleep at the time, however, it made me think that there was a motive, as I can’t point the finger at anyone due to legal reasons, I know who you are and you will know that I know who you are. The person in question will pretend to be me on social networks in hoping that they will have some kind of gain at the end of all this. The person impersonating me now is P******H***. This is not my account and has nothing to do with me.

Feel free to read some of Martin Smith emergency plumber articles and hope you enjoy, be careful has to not trip over some words as you may get some abuse from social media. Apart from this then try to make social media a nice place and enjoy yourself. Feel free to read my blocked central heating pipes article.

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