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Ideal Isar Problems

Ideal Isar Problems & Cures On HE24, 30, 35

Ideal Isar Problems
Have you got an Ideal Isar problems on HE24, 30, 35 and your looking for a cure. Looking for the right information without breaking any laws, then your in the right place. Martin Smith an emergency plumber and a qualified emergency gas engineer in Bury explains everything you may need to know from a leaking boiler to a boiler fault. Just below are the main topics we are going to cover on the Ideal Isar Combination Boiler.

  • Leaking Ideal Isar Boiler?
  • No power to the boiler?
  • My Boiler has a fault, how much should I expect to spend?
  • How long does it take to repair a boiler leak?
  • Social questions asked and answerd about the Ideal Isar.

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Drilled Through Lead Gas Pipe

I’ve Drilled Through The Lead Gas Pipe, What Should I Do Now And What Should I Expect?

Drilled Through Lead Gas Pipe
Martin Smith an emergency gas engineer explains what should be done if you drill through a lead gas pipe and what you shouldn’t do.

If you’ve drilled through the lead gas pipe and your on the internet at the same time, immediately turn all the electric off including the computer unless your outside or have already follow emergency procedures by calling a competent gas advisor. If you’ve not called a gas advisor in an emergency gas situation, then follow these simple instructions by the emergency gas situation link. Continue reading

Emergency Gas Situations

What should I do in an emergency gas situation

Emergency Gas Situation Procedures
If your in a situation where you have an emergency gas situation or say a gas leak, it is very important to follow instruction.

Martin Smith who is a fully qualified emergency plumber and a gas engineer explains below on the procedures given to the gas consumer from a competent gas engineer when the gas consumer is not on site. Continue reading

Missing Boiler Screw On The Main Case

I have a missing screw on my boiler cover, what should I do & is this dangerous

Missing Boiler Screw
Martin Smith a gas safe registered engineer & also an emergency plumber manchester explains what you need to know about the missing screw on the boiler.

The boiler has many screws, however the main screw on the case is an essential screw to the boiler and must always be in place when the boiler is in use. Just below are a few questions people may ask related to the boiler screw but also answer in our missing boiler screw article. Continue reading

Bloo Toilet Block (Blue)

Blue toilet block problems & is it ok to put bloo toilet block in the toilet cistern

Blue Bloo Toilet Block

Martin Smith explains what you need to know about the blue coloured Bloo toilet block in the toilet cistern and if its ok.

As an experience emergency plumber manchester, the colour blue block known as Bloo has been found in so many toilet cisterns causing so much havoc and shortening the lifespan of the moving mechanisms within the toilet cistern. Just below is a list of 6 topics we cover surrounding the blue coloured Bloo toilet block.

  1. How to clean the blue coloured Bloo toilet cleaner blocked of my hands.
  2. How can i get blue coloured die from the Bloo toilet block of my carpet?
  3. What preparations should be made before attempting to repair a toilet cistern with Bloo toilet block?
  4. What problems can the blue coloured blue toilet block cause in the toilet cistern?
  5. What should I use in the toilet cistern instead of toilet Bloo block?
  6. Should I call an emergency plumber for my toilet cistern as I have Bloo toilet block in my toilet cistern?

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