Best Central Heating Controls

Best Central Heating Controls
Best Central Heating Controls

Wanting the best central heating controls, but unsure what is out there and what you can buy in the current market. Martin Smith an emergency plumber was also unsure as it wasn’t advertised good enough, it’s only lucky for the news in the plumbing industry that this is brought up, but how would the general pubic know of this or plumbers that don’t have the time to read. As shown in the picture, is an indication of what you will get and gives you more of a feel of what this article, the best central heating controls is all about.

As this product has only been in the plumbing news since last couple of days from the date of this post, it is only fair to say that, this product is new on the market. Over the last decade, a thermostatic radiator valve has been very standard, with no movement of evolution and there hasn’t really  been any changes much. In the last 10-years, there has been new products brought on by the iPhone, that is changing the way our day to day life is working towards for our extra comfort, which also include saving the planet in the way we use our energy.

So what difference will the best central heating controls do for me in this current day

The difference with the best central heating controls are, you can be at work and control the heating from one room to the other, without being at home. Say you leave your house and well being out at work, you then realise you will not be returning home until the next day or maybe you will be late coming home. In this day and age, your house heats up with nobody at home wasting your central heating costs. Having your house heat up when you don’t require it to, becomes a waste of energy in the heat it produces. Another good point about the best central heating controls are, if your at home, but only your using the living room and you don’t require the use of the bedroom until later on at night. Then from the touch of the mobile phone, all you need to do is choose to keep it to a certain temperature, until you require it to get warm, again saving you money in the central heating cost.

In the picture above, it has the name of the website that you can visit and also make these calculations in to what your savings will eventually be if you were to buy this product and how much cooler it would be to have the latest technology.

How much would it cost to buy the best central heating controls

To buy this product, you will be looking to pay about £1000, which does not include the labour cost and is just the supply of the user unit, hot water unit and up to 8 thermostatic radiator valves. For the labour cost of this on average, it would be fair to say the cost of fitting this would be on average about £700 and could take about 2-day work for one person, but would also include any materials within reason. All together as a rough estimate, the engineer would charge about £1700, however every engineer will charge different and this is a guess and is not a price to go of. If you feel that this is way out, then we would like to know your thoughts, so that we can update this article of the best central heating controls by sending us an email to

If you have an emergency plumbing situation and would like an emergency plumber to come to your aid, then give us a call on the above number and we will be out to you in an emergency. If your an emergency plumber and have an interest in this latest technology, but would also like to join us, then please visit the plumbing register.

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