Plumber of the year 2015

Plumber Of The Year 2015 – The Plumbers League

Plumber Of The Year 2015
Welcome to emergency plumber of the year 2015 where we host the plumbers league but for those who only are registered with us doing our plumbing emergencies. Just below are the engineer that had won the plumber of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014 and hope to make it in the 2015. Just below we explain on what it takes to get to the top of the plumbers league 2015 and will be update on a monthly basis. Continue reading

Best Central Heating Controls

Best Central Heating Controls
Best Central Heating Controls

Wanting the best central heating controls, but unsure what is out there and what you can buy in the current market. Martin Smith an emergency plumber was also unsure as it wasn’t advertised good enough, it’s only lucky for the news in the plumbing industry that this is brought up, but how would the general pubic know of this or plumbers that don’t have the time to read. As shown in the picture, is an indication of what you will get and gives you more of a feel of what this article, the best central heating controls is all about. Continue reading

Copper Pipe Straightening Tool

Copper Pipe Straightening Tool Information Inc All Tubes

Copper Pipe Straightening Tool
Welcome back to the new year and what better to start this of than the new tube & copper pipe straightening tool and the first of it’s kind. Here we will explain everything you need to know about how to straighten copper pipe by using this great tool called the tube pipe straightening tool. Continue reading

Plumber Of The Year 2014

Emergency Plumber Of The Year 2014 & General News

Plumber Of The Year 2014
Welcome to our latest plumbing news and were almost finished with 2013 and moving into 2014 but what this article is mainly about is our emergency plumber of the year 2014. Last year it was Lee Cambell who held the Plumber of the year and what a great plumber Lee still is. This year the title of Plumber of the year 2014 will go to Damon Owen. Damon Owen has won the title for plumber of the year because he has been very polite, has the biggest percentage of plumbing emergencies taken on but not only that, the main reason and most impressively is average driving distance was estimated to be 1-hour. If Damon was very lucky he would have a plumbing emergency in Pontypool, but most of his call-outs would come from outside his area. Damon has been known to travel a few time about 1-hour and 30-minutes when attending a plumbing emergency. Continue reading

Gas Safe Certificate App

Gas Safe Certificate App For Android & IOS

Gas Safe Certificate App
Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber from Manchester explains about a new App for Android & IOS App and has been updated to meet the customers and the Gas Safe Engineers requirements. This App was founded by Joe Falcone. Joe Falcone realised there was a gap in the market for an easy to use and affordable system for completing and sending gas safety records, warning notices & electrical cross bonding records. Just below is some useful information.

If you haven’t got the iPhone App for the Gas Safe Certificate, then it may be a good idea to get it now. As since 2012 the IOS App for the iPhone has been available and has been reported to be very useful but the only downside was, that it wasn’t available in the android version until now. Continue reading

Boiler Fault Finder App

The latest report by Ty Harnett has report of a new boiler fault finder app recently and like never before, the fault finding app has more advances than it’s pre-accesses. Here is what Ty Harnett has to say. Continue reading

Latest Radiators 2013

Latest Radiators has been released by Stelrad the best radiators you can buy

Latest Radiators 2013
It has been reported in the plumbing news that the latest radiators made by Stalrad has been released and what a smart looking radiator it is. Stelrad already host the best radiators in the UK and possible in the world voted by most plumbers. These latest radiators that have been added to a collection of already stunning radiators are both of high quality and have been named Caliente and Concord.

The Caliente towel radiator was launched at  EcoBuild 2012, the radiator was names in a competition by a customer visiting the show and entering a competition. Caliente has quickly become a favourite designer radiator model. The Calient range come in single and double and will suit most bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. Continue reading

Weather News Predictions UK 2013

Weather News Predictions & Warnings to Emergency Plumbers

Weather News Predictions
We have noticed that one of the first weather news predictions have just come out as reported in the Express. Emergency Plumbers & Heating engineers begin to prepare but should they? What the Express fail to mention is that similar patterns was mention the year before by news articles and also the news release has failed to mention that science can only predict the weather but not use this as a fact. We believe only the Met office is more accurate when it comes to predicting the weather due to the use of the machines and the equipment they have. The Met office has been around for a long time now and is also use by the Gritters. The government also rely on the Met office. So when you seek news, our advice is to check the local Met office which gives almost an accurate calculation over the next 4 days. Continue reading

What Central Heating Pump Should I be Fitting

Welcome back to the plumbing news and what better to start this of than a question that is often brought up ‘what central heating pump should I be fitting’What Central Heating Pump Should I be Fitting

It’s well known that the wrong central heating pump gets fitted and in most cases, the cheapest pump is fitted. To stop this, a new legislation has come in to stop those fitting the wrong pump and to force those to fit a pump that is energy efficient saving the occupier 75% or more on there central heating. Continue reading

Weather Temperatures in March

Weather Temperatures in March – A Record Breaking Month!

Weather Temperatures In March

Is this the end of the beast from the east? March 2013 the second coldest Winter on record!



Emergency Plumber explains about the weather temperatures in March and is this set to break a record or get any worse? This may be the coldest weather in March and is set to last into the Easter weekend bringing the worst Easter Holidays in recent history and a boost to the plumbing industry.

This winter has brought some warmth and some cold spells but as not brought any records. This March is set to become the second coldest in history since 1962, where there was an average of only 1.9º. The previous record in second place, which is set to broken, was brought to the UK in 1987, where the temperatures were at an average of 3.3º. Due to the cold winds it has also brought a high demand in Boiler repairs. Due to the Boiler repairs at a high demand it is keeping the plumbing industry up above normal level. Martin Smith has notice there has been a rise in customers requiring an emergency plumber for Boiler related issues. Continue reading