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Mains Stop Tap

Where is the mains stop Tap located in the house

Just below are some questions related to the mains stop tap that occupiers currently ask.
Mains Stop Tap

  • Where should the mains stop tap be located in the house?
  • What should the mains stop tap look like?
  • Is there an alternative to turning the mains stop tap off?
  • What are the regulations on the mains stop tap?
  • How do I fix a leak on the mains stop tap?
  • What can I do to loosen my mains stop tap?
  • My mains stop tap won’t turn off, what can I do?
  • Can I buy an electric mains stop tap?
  • Advanced mains stop tap?
  • Find a local mains stop tap fitter? Continue reading

Water Pressure

How to stop water pressure and related questions asked below

Water Pressure

  • What is water pressure?
  • I have no water pressure what should I do?
  • What can effect the pressure of my water?
  • What can I do to improve pressure of my water?
  • How do I reduce my water pressure?
  • Will too high water pressure cause any damage?
  • How do I detect what water pressure I have?
  • Can I fit a water booster pump if I have low water pressure?
  • Im getting good water pressure upstairs but not downstairs, what can this be?
  • Who’s responsible for the pressure of my water in the home? Continue reading

Cold Feed

Cold Feed Common questions

Martin Smith an emergency plumber Bury explains about cold feed. Here is a list of question below that many find themselves asking.

How to connect cold feed to toilet cistern

  • How should the cold feed to the toilet cistern be connected?
  • Should there be an Isolator on the cold feed to the toilet?
  • Which side should the cold feed be?
  • Can I have the cold feed for the toilet from a gravity fed tank?
  • What size is the cold mains feed to the toilet/basin or bath?
  • Is it ok to use push fit on the cold feed?
  • What is the maximum pressure of the cold feed to the toilet?

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Boiler Checked

When is the best time to get my boiler checked

Boiler Checked
Some people have there boiler checked/serviced in the middle of winter, when something goes wrong, where others may have there boiler serviced at the end of winter, thinking it’s had a lot of use. Some will have it as part of an annual service once a year and depending on the date it was fitted, would normally determine when it is service. Some may get there boiler service 10 years of more. But seriously when is it the best time to get your boiler serviced saving further costs. Continue reading

Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass

Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass vs Plastic

Washing Machine Y Fitting Brass
Ever wondered why when buying a Washing machine Y fitting in plastic, the fitting always leaks but is brass an alternative to help achieve the safe use without having to worry if your coming home to a flood of water. As an Emergency Plumber, Martin Smith has had plenty of experience when it comes to water leak within the homes of thousand of occupiers, Some related to the Washing machine Y piece and most not related. In the past Martin as tried the plastic washing machine Y piece and has failed to have a seal. Continue reading

Water Mains – MDPE

How deep should the water mains be? MDPE

Martin Smith an emergency plumber explains about Water Mains (MDPE) and recent events that went on in Didsbury, South of Manchester where a customer was having there drive dug up then there was a burst pipe due to the water mains being too close to the service. Here are some similar questions asked.

  • What should the depth of MDPE be?
  • Can a qualified plumber fit MDPE? or What qualifications are required to fit a water mains pipe?
  • What does MDPE stand for?
  • What size does MDPE come in for domestic homes?
  • Does Main Water Pipe have to be protected?
  • What is the colour of MDPE (Water Mains Pipe)?
  • If upgrading water mains pipe, can I go to the mains stop valve in the road/pavement?
  • What are the best fitting’s for MDPE?
  • What is MDPE used for?
  • Where can I buy MDPE from? Continue reading

Best Radiators

What are the best radiators I can buy?

Want to know what the best radiators to buy on the Market. In Martin Smith’s opinion, an emergency plumber, it would be the Stelrad and the reason we have chosen this type of radiator are for the reason as describe below including the most asked questions when it comes to radiators.
Best Radiators

  • What sizes do central heating radiators come in?
  • Where in the home is the best place to put a radiator?
  • What is the height of the radiator from ground level?
  • What colour of the radiator is best and gives out most heat?
  • How long does a radiator last for?
  • If I take a radiator off the wall, would the rest of the central heating work?
  • What is the guarantee on a central heating radiator?
  • Is a radiator a gas engineer’s job or a plumber’s job?
  • What radiators give most heat output?
  • What should I receive when buying a radiator? Continue reading

Macerator Pump

My Macerator Pump Has Gone – Do I Need A New One

Martin Smith explains all the good reasons for replacing the Macerator Pump and all the reasons for just to replace the complete Macerator. Jus below are some of the questions asked before calling for an emergency plumber.
Toilet Macerator Pump

  • My Macerator Pump has gone do I need a new one?
  • Is it dangerous to fix a Macerator pump?
  • What is the best way to empty the Macerator to replace the pump?
  • How does the lid come off the Macerator to replace the pump?
  • How does the Macerator Pump disconnect from the Box?
  • When fitting the new pump to the Macerator is there anything else I need to check?
  • How long is the Macerator guaranteed for and if I fix it myself then what is the guaranteed? Continue reading

All In One Toilet Hand Basin, (Sink)

Where can I find an all in one toilet hand basin, sink?

Martin explains with all the best space savers, the All In One Toilet Hand Basin has got to be at the top of them. The key points we are going to mention are as listed below.
All In One Toilet Hand Basin

  • How much water does the all in one toilet save?
  • How much does the all in 1 toilet cost?
  • Where can I buy the all in one toilet?
  • What is the plumbing requirements for the all in one toilet?
  • Are there any technical problem that may come from the toilet?
  • Can I buy any tap for the basin that sits on top of the toilet?
  • How does the all in 1 toilet basin secure itself?
  • Where does the waste from the basin go?
  • How much does the all in one basin save in water?
  • What does the all in one toilet hand basin come with? Continue reading