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Water Too Hot

Water Too Hot On Hot Water Or Central Heating System

Water Too Hot
My water is too hot, will this cause any problems or damages to my hot water or central heating system?

Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber when it comes to the water getting too hot explains all the situation and what needs to be done.

7 questions about water too hot

  1. Why is my water too hot?
  2. What happens when my water gets too hot?
  3. When the water gets too hot, what damage does this cause?
  4. Water too hot diagnosis
  5. How does the water go through the expansion pipe when the water gets to hot?
  6. What causes the water to go too hot?
  7. What is the recommended temperature before the water gets too hot? Continue reading

Draining Central Heating System

Draining Central Heating System Problems & Cures

Welcome to the Information of Draining Central Heating System. In the Picture Diagram of draining down the central heating system, we have arrows pointing to drain off point of where you will find your typical drain off points. Just below are some typical questions before calling an emergency plumber.

18 Ways to drain down a central heating system

Draining Central Heating System

  • What do I need to drain down the central heating?
  • What to do before draining central heating system?
  • Drain off not draining my central heating water?
  • Where can I find the drain off points of the central heating system?
  • I have no draining valves on my central heating, is there an alternative way to drain down?
  • How long does it take to drain the central heating system?
  • How best to drain the water in my radiators and pipes?
  • Should there be a draining point for my radiators outside?
  • Should there be a draining valve on my boiler?
  • When draining a central heating system and refilling, should I use any chemicals?
  • What is the difference in draining an open vented combination systems and an un-vented systems?
  • Should there be a drain off valves on all radiators?
  • Why does the drain valve leak water when draining down the central heating?
  • How can I drain a radiator that has no drain off valve that is turned off?
  • Is it good practice to drain a combination boiler via the pressure release valve?
  • What ways should I not drain down a central heating system?
  • Water coming out slowly from radiator valve of central heating, Why?
  • After draining central heating system, how to avoid airlocks when refilling? Continue reading

Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing Pipes History & Current Standards

Ever wondered on the evolution of the plumbing pipes history and how far we have come since the 1600’s, where the wooden pipes were first introduce in London. Ever wondered what it would of been like to call an emergency plumber london in those days and if there was any such meaning of an emergency plumber.

Plumbing Pipes History

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Central Heating Pump Problems

Central Heating Pump Problems & Cures

Martin Smith explains about central heating pump problems and what to do before calling an emergency plumber in the day or night.
Central Heating Pump Problems
First of all before Martin Smith explains about central heating pump problems and what the cures are. We would like to explain a little about this picture to the right. This is a typical central heating pump, that has been in the basement for over 15-years or more and if you have noticed, there is corroding going on between both gate valves. There is also a wire going around the central heating pump. The wire that is going around the circulation pump is in the incorrect place, not because it is un-tidy, but because the central heating pump can get very hot and therefor, will heat the electric current up, causing it to either trip the electric, heat the electrical elements within the circulation pump, more than they should or even set a fire is the worse scenario. Continue reading

Leak Coming Through Ceiling From Attic

Leak Coming Through Ceiling From Attic What Could This Be

Do you find yourself with a leak coming through your ceiling but unsure where it is coming from? Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber who has experience plenty of occupants calling saying “I have a leak coming through my ceiling, I need an emergency plumber”.

Leak Coming Through Ceiling From Attic

To the right in the picture is a typical plumbing emergency that Martin Smith went to. At the time of the call, there was water seeping through the ceiling, so the customer had called for an emergency plumber Darwen, to request for an emergency plumbing engineer. As soon as the occupant had called for an emergency plumber, the Oil Boiler was turned to off and the mains water supply was also turned off. Continue reading

15mm Metal Pipe

15mm Metal Pipe In My Central Heating System

Have you got metal pipe in your central heating system? Maybe you have a water leak coming from your 15mm pipes made out of metal. Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber explains everything you need to know about the 15mm metal pipe you have within the central heating system.
15mm Metal Pipe
If you have 15mm metal pipe in your central heating system, then this would of been due to a shortage of copper pipe. As occupants were looking to keep warm in there home, there had to be a way to get warmth to the radiators. The only option would of been to use a cheaper metal and this was where the 15mm metal pipe came in to it. Once the second world war was over, it took a little time for plumbing to get back to normal.

If your home was built in the late 1940’s or 1950’s and the original plumbing is still existing, then there is a high likeliness that you may come across cheaper plumbing. The problem with cheaper plumbing was that the fitting of the plumbing was not reliable and very difficult to plumb in to the central heating, but also came with consequences. Continue reading

best silicone sealant

What’s the best silicone sealant for baths, showers & wet rooms

Having the best silicone sealant can depend on the type of room your in and the atmosphere. If the sealant is under the water, this can only mean that there is only one type of silicone is best for this. There are some cheap and nasty silicone sealants that sell because it mentions on the label the job it does. When silicone goes wrong, all the questions come up about what exactly it was used for and then, all the excuses start coming out, which is also imprinted on the small print and the terms and conditions off use. Just below Martin Smith an experience emergency plumber and an ex bathroom fitter, we give you the common questions and all the pros and cons.
Best Silicone Sealant

10 questions related to the best silicone sealant Continue reading

Water Noise

Water Noise Under My Floor Or Behind The Wall

Water Noise Under My Floor
Martin Smith an experienced emergency plumber in Manchester, who also works as an agent for over 400 plumbing engineers UK wide, explains about water noise within the property and how best to go about it. In the picture on the right, is a typical job. The occupant complained of noisy water, an emergency Martin visited in Bury, which is north of Manchester. The occupant thought there was water problems behind the wall but to his amaze, he didn’t expect it to have a water noise under the floor and before the mains water stopcock. Unfortunately on this┬áparticular job, the outside mains water stopcock was also unaccessible.

Just below are similar question about a water noise for behind the wall or under the ground floor. These questions we have also tried to answer. Continue reading

Toilet Syphon Problems

Toilet Syphon Problems & Cures

Here we talk about toilet syphon problems and there cures. Some people like to call an emergency plumber well other’s try to fix the toilet syphon themselves. Just below are the most common questions that people asked when looking for information about there toilet syphon problems.
Toilet Syphon Problems

  • Who invented the toilet syphon?
  • My toilet syphon isn’t working, what can I do?
  • How do I replace my toilet syphon?
  • What is the best toilet syphon I can buy to fix my toilet flush?
  • What sizes do toilet syphons come in?
  • How much should it cost to fix a toilet syphon?
  • When replacing a toilet syphon, how long does this take?
  • I can’t take my toilet syphon out, any hints?
  • Can I buy a toilet syphon that I can repair without taking the toilet cistern off?
  • How much does it cost to buy a toilet syphon?
  • Where can I buy a toilet syphon?
  • What is the recommended flush for a toilet syphon?
  • There is no overflow on my toilet cistern, is this allowed?
  • How does the toilet syphon work in the toilet?
  • What is the difference between a flushing mechanism and a toilet syphon? Continue reading

Soil Vent Pipe

Soil Vent Pipe Information & The Regulations

Martin Smith speak about the Soil Vent Pipe Regulation which includes plenty of useful information and is this a job for an emergency plumber. Just below are 14 common questions asked but also answered.
Soil Vent Pipe

  • Internal soil stack vent information?
  • What is a soil vent pipe?
  • What are the soil vent pipe regulations?
  • Cast Iron soil vent pipe v’s plastic?
  • What soil pipe tools do I need to fit a soil stack?
  • Who invented the soil pipe stack?
  • History of soil vent pipe stacks?
  • What is the minimum requirement for a soil vent above the window or roof?
  • Where is the best place to fit a waste outlet to a soil vent pipe?
  • Should there be a rodding point on the soil vent stack?
  • Which trade is required to fit a soil stack?
  • Soil pipe air or water test?
  • How to solve a blocked soil stack?
  • Where can I buy cast iron pipe to fit a soil stack? Continue reading