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Vented And Unvented Boiler

What is the difference between vented and unvented boiler?

Flueless Heater
Martin Smith an emergency plumber explains what is the difference between vented and unvented boiler. In the days where there were not many guidelines but enough deaths to sit watching the 6’oclock news and keep your mind occupied with what going on were the day when you most likely have an open fired boiler, rather than the closed room vented boiler. Martin still believe that we are still in those days as the full guideline we aim to target are not met. Just below we give you an understanding of what the difference is between the vented and unvented boiler before you go out and buy possibly what is known as the second hand boiler or a bas bottle open fire that keeps you warm with not the right amount of ventilation. Continue reading

Gas Emergency Control Valve

What Is A Gas Emergency Control Valve – Diary Day 2

Gas Emergency Control Valve
On day 2 Martin an emergency plumber explains what is a gas emergency control valve. Today I have been reading up on Gas Safety Legislation Content Part 1, which has given me plenty of knowledge when it comes to the gas meters and other stuff. What really came to my attention was the importance of what a gas emergency control valve is and how important it is for the customer to acknowledge the importance of an emergency situation. As shown in the picture, the Emergency Control valve is located in the horizontal position, which is turned off. When the gas flow is on, it is in the vertical position. When there is an emergency, the customer must have the key if located in a locked area in order to turn the gas off, in any gas leak emergency, so that the occupier can gain access in order to turn the Emergency Control off in the horizontal position. Continue reading

Become a gas engineer

How to apply to become a Gas Engineer – Diary Day 1

How To Become A Gas Engineer
How to apply to become a gas engineer – Martin Smith who specialises in emergency plumbing was relaxing and thinking about what he could do to expand his network and skills. Even though Martin has been in the plumbing trade as an emergency plumber and a bathroom fitter for over 19 year it then came to him, “how can I apply to become a gas engineer”. So Martin went on the search to become a gas engineer and had come across Able Skills. Martin then decided to call able Skills on 0808 100 3245 and spoke to a guy called John of whom explained to Martin that it was a 3 week intense course which would cost £995 which was including the VAT. All John had asked for was £300 up front to then book us in. Continue reading

Outside Tap

How much should an outside tap cost includes top 10 questions asked

Martin Smith a plumber in Bury explains about the outside tap from the understanding of what is an outside tap, including the regulations to having a new outside tap fitted. Just below are the top 10 questions answered.
Outside Tap

  1. How much is an outside water tap?
  2. What are the regulations for an outside water tap?
  3. What is the best insulation for an outside tap?
  4. How to fit an outside tap?
  5. How to stop a leaking outside water tap?
  6. What is a bib tap?
  7. How long does it take to fit an outside tap?
  8. What tools are required to fit an outside water tap?
  9. Who invented the outside water tap?
  10. Outside water tap accessories?

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Cylinder Immersion Heater Stopped Working

My Cylinder Immersion Heater has stopped working what can I do?

Cylinder Immersion Heater Stopped Working
Martin Smith an emergency plumber in Bury explains about the cylinder immersion heater stopped working, why this happens, what the problems are and what cures are available. Just below are top 10 questions answered.

  1. What is an cylinder immersion heater?
  2. How can I take an immersion heater from out of my cylinder?
  3. How do I wire an immersion heater?
  4. How much does an cylinder immersion heater cost to supply and to get fitted?
  5. Do I require a gas engineer or a plumber to fit a cylinder immersion heater on the cylinder?
  6. Are there different types of cylinder immersion heaters?
  7. Why do cylinder immersion heater go and what causes them to go?
  8. How many hours should a cylinder immersion heater last for?
  9. How long does it take for an immersion heater to warm up a cylinder?
  10. What happens if I can’t take my immersion heater out of the cylinder?

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Lost goods down the waste

Lost goods down the waste, should I call an emergency plumber?

Lost goods down the waste
An emergency plumber in Bury explain about his experience with lost goods down the waste. “Have you ever lost an engagement ring or a wedding ring that happens to be loose but unsure where it went? I can explain I know alot of people that have lost an engagement, some in Bury but also plenty around the UK. We get at least 1 inquiry per month where someone has lost there ring down there toilet or in the sink well doing the dishes at home. It is so easy to loose goods down the waste it unreal, so we can just hope that you have insurance if there at any value. As a small national business we have estimate how many plumbing jobs per month that are classed as an emergency requiring an emergency plumber in Bury or anywhere else in the UK or the world come to think about it. The most expensive ring lost down the waste we believe was estimated at £3,000,000 and was never recovered. Continue reading

Diagnosing Toilet Leak

How do I diagnose by toilet that is leaking? Diagnosing Toilet Leak

If you are looking to find out how diagnosing toilet leak rather than searching for an emergency plumber in Coventry or anywhere else in the UK, then Martin give the top 10 answers for a toilet diagnosis.

  1.  How to detect if the toilet cistern is passing water?
  2. Is my toilet syphon flushing correctly?
  3. What is the recommended flush in litres from a toilet cistern?
  4. I have water soaking my floor of my toilet but don’t know where it is coming from?
  5. Can I replace the toilet syphon without moving the toilet cistern?
  6. How do I convert my toilet from 9-litres to 7-litres?
  7. My toilet syphon is not working correctly, should I replace the flange?
  8. Is there a toilet syphon I can buy that detaches without taking the toilet cistern out?
  9. What is the smallest toilet flush I can buy?
  10. My toilet syphon is passing water, what can this be?

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DIY Emergency Plumbers

DIY Emergency Plumbers V Professional Emergency Plumber

DIY Emergency Plumbers
Martin Smith a fully qualified plumbing engineer explains what the difference can be between DIY  emergency plumbers and a profession emergency plumber. Martin Smith has included the top 10 question and answers, whether you agree is this to be debated about.

Top answers to being DIY emergency plumbers Continue reading

When using compression should I be using PTFE

When using compression should I be using PTFE

When it comes to plumbing it is always good advice to listen to emergency plumbers, especially when it comes to PTFE and compression fittings. The one tell tale sign of either a builder or a DIY plumber for when it comes to plumbing, when it comes to requiring an emergency plumber, due to a job incorrectly done from someone who is not qualified or has enough experience, when it come to plumbing, is found to be in compression fittings most of the time. Just below in the next paragraph will explain how not to fit a compression fitting with PTFE. Continue reading